Recreating KotoR


I’ve recently took interest in working with the Cryengine and so I thought I’d try and make a level in it. I decided on KotoR to be the subject. I’ve a moderate experience in modeling:

But I’ve never really delved into the realm of “low poly”/game models. In particular, the problem I’m faced with is adding details to the workbench model I’ve started with. I’m pretty sure I should use a normal map for this as they would add way too many polygons to the model, but I’m not sure how I should go about doing the high poly mesh. Do I need to redo the entire bench? Or can I just do the handles/insets/… and somehow project them onto the low poly base?

I’m also not sure how to unwrap the thing properly. When I was doing previous modeling work I always built my models to be “easily” unwrappable but I could do that because I had the choice on the shape of things, which is a luxury I don’t have this time.

Suggestions? (Also if you have any links to websites or other ressources on the subject of making props for games please dont hesitate to share them :))

P.S: I know it looks like it is toon shaded but it wasn’t done on purpose. I just made the material so I could see the wireframe on top of the solid color.

Ohohoho, anything KOTOR is high-five in my books.

Anyway KOTOR is very lowpoly game. And even the textures are low res with today standards. For start you can search for the ERF decompiler stuff. Or QuickBMS has script to extract ERF files.

Then you find a 3D viewer (like 3D converter or 3D Exploration) that can load those files.

Anyway, just for laugh, here’s a screenshot of a computer screen from KOTOR:

Well I’m not going to redo things as low poly as they were originally. I’m going to add a little more detail to them. But some detail is best left handled by normal maps. I’m just not sure how to proceed.

Any progress? Ive been thinking of doing the same. Been looking everywhere for models of the game environments. Most importantly, the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.