Recreating VFX seen on concert to learn how they could've done it

(If this fits better in a different category let me know, it’s kinda animation but also not so yea😅)

o/ I got this video here: and I just adore the effect in the corus’ where those neon lines follow the dancers feet and hand moves, so i’m trying to recreate it to understand the fundamentals of it and see if it’s in the realm of possibilities for me to hook up to my VR livestreams later on.

What i’ve got so far is a video of someone dancing (Not from the video linked above, so I could chroma key it and combine it later), then tracked the feet and hands and made the trackers into empties in a 3D scene. And hooked some light balls to the empties. And then lastly set up an armature between one hand and foot with some IK so it bends kinda like in the video.

  • I’m unsure on how to attach the light lines to the bones
  • And on how to recurse the lines with offsets. Maybe array modifiers? Feel like there’d be a better way though
  • And to a lesser extend how to have faces fade in and out, but that’s for much later anyways Blender file if my explanation wasn’t sufficient :slight_smile:

I didn’t end up using bones/armatures, but drivers for the 3’rd point in the triangles. Used expressions that included variables from the top and bottom tracking point

So this is the render so far:

Next I’ll be trying to again use drivers to repeat and offset (both in time and space). And for good measure i’ll also be using drivers for controlling the size of the dots, thickness of the lines, and fading of the faces between triangles.
I want to use drivers for as much as I can so I don’t have to redo everything, just the tracking.
If anyone has any good resources on drivers do let me know :smiley:

Hey, have you considered using the wireframe modifier on a mesh that you could ‘hook’ those emptys to, it sounds good in theory to me till I try it :grin:

This effect seems very hard to recreate due to the wiggle and random geometry chsnges and the fact that some triangles are filled with a gradient.
But I would maybe try the Animation Nodes Addon and play with it.

Might be a good effect, but not quite sure it’s quite what I’m after :thinking:

Yea, it’s a very… dynamic effect. I had considered trying to make it in DaVinci Resolve but i’m more comfortable in blender. But that addon looks sweet! I’ll have a gander. Thank you! :smiley: