Recruiting for a popular volunteer made high quality game . (screenshots included)

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RenWerX makers of the famous Renegades mod for Tribes 1, 2 and Vengeance is producing their own stand alone video game.

This first person shooter done in the Tribes style will blow your socks off!

We are currently at .5 of Alpha and we are holding weekly games for testing purposes.

We need:

High Poly Modellers, Texture Artists and Animators.

This is an all volunteer project and the game will be freely distributed.

All artists will receive credit for their respective work!

To check out our game go to

To find out more about RenWerX go to

If you are interested in helping out you can email our recruiter at [email protected] or you can PM me!

I never liked the Renegades mod at all, but from what I’ve seen of this, it looks really cool.

I’d help with 3D/texture work, but I suck at that, so all I can do is wish you guys good luck.

heh thats fair which mod did you like ? since a whole lot of mods will be migrating over to our game once we are finished with the BASE game we will make a renegades mod for our own game but we really want the base game to be as moddable as possible so we can bring back all the old favorites :slight_smile:

thanks for the good luck btw :slight_smile:

screenshots look real nice, would like to help but I am involved in too many things allready… but i’ll try the game once it’s finished!

I emailed but got no response so forget wasting time on this.

maybe you need to give some time before you get your e-mail? I’ve looked at the time stamp of your post and I see that you have only posted this within a day of planaria’s first post.

This was posted 5 days ago too mind.

i dont know about skione but please email me [email protected] I am the modelling lead and if you email me I will give you a test asignment right away… or you can PM me like i said in my post?

luckus i posted this earlier this morning :slight_smile: what are you talking about?

Lukus:yeah I’ve also looked at planaria previous posts and didn’t see anything like you mentioned. Please look around before saying anything that could potentially harm (or at least cast unneccessary suspicions on) such a good proposal.

Planaria: I think that your game looks pretty good. Unfortunately My modelling skill are still very very basic so I cannot contribute anything yet but I’ll defidently will be one of those eagerly waiting for the release of this game to check it out:).

What was that about looking around before saying anything? :wink: ^^

oh that a different user. maybe s/he is a different person from planaria, but are involved in the same project, and that might be the reason why atm-matt haven’t gotten a e-mail from babz. babz seems to be one of those one-timer (post only once and then forget) while planaria seems to be a little more active (though only 27 post in the last few years) and have been responding in this thread.

I might be wrong but I do like a project like this particular one and would like to see it get completed so I’m kinda holding out hope that this proposal get a good responses and actually works. either way if it turns out to be a dud, then there is still no harm in letting ppl check it out (as long as there is no actual malicious-ware in the site linked above) and stuffs.

Sorry for my outburst all is resolved.

For me, it added too much. On most servers, people would just grab the coolest looking weapons and play around with them.
That and the fact that it and other mods like Shifter took over all the servers and now there are few normal ones left.

I’m sure it would be more fun in a competitive match, but for pub playing, the noobs ruined it like they did Version2 of Tribes 2.

edit because i forgot to say which ones i liked:
Construction for Tribes 2 was fun for a while. I know there’s still a pretty active construction community.
Version2 was kinda cool until the noobs went crazy over it and then I couldn’t jet without getting a million campers missiling/sniping me and no one doing their job.
But the BEST, by FAR, for both Tribes 1 and 2, was DuelMOD. That was sooooo much fun.

construction mod was awesome i really want to have a capture and hold The Server where there are a group of servers linked together and each one runs a persistant map , and then you have to go construction mod style and build a base around the control point , that way wahtever you build is totally destructable :slight_smile: so people could build giant castles to protect there control point for there server but in the end a wrecking crew with sufficient strength could come in and wreck it :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome :smiley:

There are some cool possibilities if you guys code in some stuff to the engine geared towards helping with a construction mod.

I don’t mean to be rude, but how come you arn’t making your own ideas? Why are you copying theirs?

It’s the same engine and style as Tribes.
It’s like what Tribes: Vengeance should have been, and I look forward to it.

so where is the flood of people trying to volunteer only skeptics??

henrymop i couldnt agree with you more … and i personally have a lot of ideas for making new games. but with this game were trying to bring back an old style of gameplay that we love and make it more interesting.

basically our hypothesis is that since we are the ones that liked the style of gameplay so much we wont do too much to ruin it, but we will see how this turns out.

one thing i really wanted them to do but that they refused to do was to make a voxel volumes based terrain so basically you could have 3d dimensional terrain and because its voxel volumes you can actually deform the terrain to your hearts content … you can also make any kind of overall shape terrain you want with this idea… you could have a completely square world , or normal sphere or you could have any number of completely abstract and complex shapes… all fully deformable … but the coders shot me down because we are working with someone elses engine or something bah !

the way you would get around in this terrain would be a combiniation of a grappling hook , a magical extending pole, and a jetpack… i also wanted to put in a portal gun maybe… and a tunnelling vehicle etc…

but we are limited by the technology we have to work with …

click here for an example of what im talking about

btw if anyone is interested in this here is a test asignment to work on for our game.


if your interested in trying them out just start a wip thread that i can keep track of or you can im me at fl33ky on aim…