Rectangle selection: crossing vs fully emerged

A question about blender 2.8
How can I toggle hard / soft selection? (either select objects that are fully within selection area or select all objects that are even partly within the selection area)
e.g. in 3ds max you can opt for right to left/ left to right rectangle selection to do that.
please help! :slight_smile:

(or is it another one of those things that blender refuses to do easily???)

anyone ???

I don’t know if I’m missing something, but I think that this is not the answer to what I’m asking:
when you select with a rectangle, how can you control if only the objects fully within the rectangle are selected? (vs. all the objects that are even partly within the rectangle)

I don’t think that’s possible in Blender by default. There might be an addon that enables this behaviour which I’m not aware of. I found a similar suggestion here from last year:

You can try to create a new proposal with visuals to ‘sell’ the idea better. I find such selection variety quite useful in CAD programs.

Also this is kind of enabled in edit mode (It might be even a bug). When you are in edge selection mode if you select whole edge, it ignores rest of the box selection area (right to left or left to right selection makes no difference):

And another similar discussion from 5 years ago:

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I don’t know if you use pre-2.8 versions, but I just found it on the top right corner, next to the viewport shading icons.
in both images I used a thin selection rectangle that only covered the top face of the model.


This doesn’t do anything close to what you’ve asked in your first message.
It just enables x-ray mode. You can get similar behaviour with wireframe mode too.

Well, it seems you are right.
It actually does what I was talking about but only in sub-object level (edit mode). It does not however work like this in object mode.
I posted a request in about this but unfortunately not a lot of people support the idea so far…

Since I don’t see it being implemented any time soon, could you pls help me with this problem? (it’s the reason I posted in the first place)


It actually got good responses with gifs and screenshots provided.
Unfortunately developers are quite busy nowadays and there are tons of awaiting features to be implemented.

There was a time that blender was working like this, but unfortunately the devs considered it as a bug (no idea why, since most 3d apps have both options) instead of adding it as a new feature for selection. It’s sad…


Really, really sad, especially since most of innovation and discoveries happen by accident :smiley:

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