rectangulating the UV island


there’s quiet some cases when I need to rectangualte the uv island. However the only way to do it is to go loop by loop and execute Auto Align (in UV window select a vertice loop, hit W and select AutoAlign). It is quiet time consuming and boring especially when there are lot of vertices.

Wondering whether there is a known solution to achieve the same result faster by selecting the whole UV island and executing some “Rectangulate” function, script or plugin which would give the same result as described above? (Of course that will work only in case when uv island is “rectangulable”).

Working in blender versions 2.73 and 2.74.

Thank you

There is an addon on blendermarket that does that. But you could also try adjusting one face to a rectangle and using follow active quads for the selected UV island.

Straightened UV edges with W -> auto align, moved that face on the grid and snapped them to pixels to get it square

And then follow active quads, mode: even, to get the rest squared

And to avoid confusion with future questions, there’s no such thing as vertice loop. It’s vertex/vertices, and loop types are: edge loop, face loop, edge ring.

Here are steps for follow active quads to get faces aligned

Thanks, but additional unwrapping is not an option for me since then I lose the aspect ratio with other unwrapped parts. So in my case I am looking to apply “rectangulation” on already unwrapped uv island. Could you point me to the addon you referred in your reply? I was not able to find a working addon which would not throw an error upon install for 2.73 or 2.74. Thanks