Recycle Bin Dragon

Originally I had deleted the this dragon .blend file since it was not working out, but a day or so later I retrieved it and played with it some more (a lot of GIMPing), hence the name Recycle Bin Dragon. All in all I don’t think the concept turned out too bad, especially since I had originally thrown it out.
Dragon and chains rendered in BI, the rest GIMP.
Thanks for looking.


Not bad for recycled art. This could be an album cover for a metal band.

It’s a nice model to start with, the image as a whole is okay.

Though I don’t get why some people put human-like abs on their Dragons.

For the same reason some humans think they are dragons :wink:

I like it! I think you could improve it if you add a reflection map to your model.

why didn’t I think of that? I was doing that exact thing to another model last night :eek:
thanks, going to put it on my list.