Red Agate

Need your help. Maybe anybody can share shader something like this? Or examples of nodes. Thanks in advance.

maybe something like this?

The problem is randomized line width…

this should work,just play with the input values on the left.or try different noise textures vs the wave textures for random scale.

I took a shot at this… made it procedural so you can tweak it as you please, colours and lines.
basically, I took the wave texture and used the math node to mix them all together as they all have different wave size and distortion it creates these crazy textures.

the glass effect still needs some work though, and same with some roughness…

ageta.blend (503.4 KB)

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Thank you very mutch, guys! You save my life! Thanks for the file!

Here is another approach, using a few noises (low detail). A stretched aniso looking noise is used to modulate the scale of the succeeding noise. If you have a color strip standing out, move it in the color ramp until you get the desired result.

Seems to work, kinda sortof. I don’t have any agate at hand, so shading is guesswork, but I found fairly transparent ones one youtube, so I attached a fresnel based shadow to it. Not sure I want to “Shader Add ???” for refraction and translucency, you may want to use a mix instead. Noise is also used to distort coordinates, although the one you posted looked very straight.

The nodes:

The result:

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Awesome! Can you share the blend?

Though a different look, take a look at RobertT’s agate shaders. They are now in my material library.

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