Red Black White

Hi, I’ve been reading the forum for quite some time but it’s my first time posting so hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing with interior renders for a bit and I would appreciate your feedback. Personally I’m not quite satisfied with the curtains.

No one is commenting. Maybe because there isn’t much wrong with it and you already know what to do to make it better. The curtains could use another pattern perhaps and a specular map. Might also do some good to have something on the rug to make it less uniform, pressing/moving the particles to make it look it has been walked on perhaps.

Edit: oh and you might need to use higher image resolution to get enough pixels for the small and thin stuff, such as wire-like decorations placed in the vase and their shadows

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. It’s the first render that I posted online and I was eager to learn what others think about it :slight_smile:

I wasn’t satisfied with the hair option so the rug is made from tiny modeled strands so I can’t (can I?) use the particle edit. I tried to deform the emitting mesh a bit to make it look less uniform but I guess it’s not enough. I’ll try to play with vertex groups and different particle groups.

Probably would have to use particle instance modifier on the object that gets spread with the particle system. Should be able to comb the hairs and have the object follow the strand curvature. The downside is that the particle instance doesn’t actually use instancing so it won’t save memory. Perhaps there is some middle ground solution.

Rug being less uniform is really just nitpicking really to remove clues about it being computer generated image. But perhaps double check the size of books and the shelves they’re on. On the scaled down image they don’t look strange but viewing the image full size maybe makes them look a bit big compared to the leg rest and the chair. Or maybe it’s the chair and the leg rest.

The black hand on a black clock arent very good for readability of the hour I doubt a watchmaker will do this.

Ok, it’s almost like saying that I didn’t find anything to critique. :smiley:

Your image is verry cool.

Took a rough guess on the sizes and distances just for the fun of it, I know it’s the default 35mm lens

Guessing that the japanese swords book is 10.6 inches tall. Taking the height ratio in the calculation it becomes (2.2*27)/0.656 ~= 90.5 centimeters which might not be tall enough for the chair (egg chairs online seemed to be around 135-145cm from the ground) or the books are too big.

Thx :slight_smile: the hand is very reflective and that’s why it looks so dark.

You’re right, the scale is off. The chair and leg rest are too small. Something was bothering me but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Thx a lot!