Red Bull Can

Here a Red Bull can I made.

Plz click for the high res image :wink:

  • Archelaus


good texturing!
don’t be angry, but the model could have a bit more details.
the reflection of the floor is nice, but you could give it some gloss (if you want).
and the background is a bit… monotonous. you could add a picture or sth similar.

Looks perfect

thank you :slight_smile:

never mind! xD

I didn’t mean you, but your comment was ok too ;D

Do not use BI or such renders.
Yafaray, Octane, Luxrender, Cycles…

I don’t want to use external renders if they are don’t compatible with blender 2.5.x and clycles is just for nvidia gpu’s, so I can’t use it because I have a ATI gpu.

In Cycles, if you don’t have a Cuda compatible card, it will just use CPU.
And believe me, it’s still very fast.

I’m gonna try it, thanks.

luxrender IS compatible with blender 2.5x. check out
there’s a tutorial how to use it.

Not realy, I tried it very often but it doesn’t work for me.

Saying not to use BI for renders like this is a load of garbage. BI is more than capable of producing stunning renders of something like this. Can external renderers do better? Maybe, it depends on how you define better for that particular render. My personal opinion is that you should learn to use the built in renderer to it’s full potential before moving on to other renderers, and there is a lot further this particular image can be taken in the internal renderer.