Red buoy

I’m making a scene of red buoy on stormy ocean. For now I’ve finished modeling and currently working on texturing. Here are some images of progress so far.

Rendered with LuxCore


A kinda foggy test


wow! nice work, looks really awsome!
are you making textures in blender or you are using other software?

Thx, I’m using substance painter to texture. Haven’t really used blender for texturing.

how did you do the Welds ?

nice work

which renderer is it ?

happy cl

I used this cool addon Welder

And renderred it with LuxCore hands down my favourite free render engine

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This asset is now considered finished. Here’s 2 images tho showcase it in different lighting situations


Really like the welds and textures, great work.

Here’s a little scene with this asset. Still wip.

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