"Red Canyon Outpost"


I did this project for Clint / pwnisher’s WEEKLY CHALLENGE #40, in which we had to create a star wars render.

This was super fun ! I learned how to sculpt, learned how to deal with massive scenes ( my poor computer can rest now ) and scene composition.

I started out with a sketch along with some image references that i found pinterest.

Then i modeled a very rough landscape that i divided into separate meshes to refine and sculpt. I tested a bunch of lighting arrangements in the beginning.

I sculpted the landscape first to fit the buildings accordingly. In the end i modeled a spaceship and added all the materials. I learned so much and am very happy with the result.

Overall it took me about two days. I would love to hear the community’s feedback !

You can follow me on instagram where i do a bunch of these renders :slight_smile: @charismaticoncrete

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