red dots?


i’ve exported the UV into photoshop and opened it.

however, all the verticexes are marked in red… (there is a red dot for every vertex) as you can see here:

is there a way to ‘turn’ this off in Blender?

is it because i didn’t do any further unwrapping? (when i unwrapped first, it came out looking perfect like in the image link above - so i wasn’t sure if i had to do any pinning, then unwrapping, then merging seams…).


I can’t see a feature to do so.

Is there a reason that you wish not to have red dots? you can change them to black dots in photoshop so that they look the same, otherwise i don’t think they negatively effect the outputted file in any other way.

This is my first time using a UV :slight_smile:

I thought that by editing in photoshop, with the ‘red dots’ in the image, when applied to the mesh, the red dots would appear also. Is that incorrect?


You only use those lines and dots for reference when you are making your texture, you don’t actually leave them visible in the final version

you are supposed to paint over this image, or better, to paint over in a different layer. Then you turn off the layer containing the edges/vertices and only keep the painted map. Export to an image format usable with Blender and then use this newly painted image as the UVmap for your model -> the painting will appear onto the surface object if you activate the TexFace button in the Material buttons.