Red Glasses

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Here’s my entry for this week’s challenge. The theme is sight.

C&C always welcome

Nice work. The wooden table seems just a little bit too shiny. Unless it’s plastic coated and very clean…

I rekon you should play with the DOF a little more. The far side frame of the glasses seems almost transparent. You could intensify the lighting and add caustics for realism.

Thanks guys.
John, disagree with you about the table – there is a lot of wood in my house that is much more reflective. I think the problem was that the reflection was too clear, not too strong. I added a slightly blurred reflection in yafray to make up for it and I think it’s much more realistic after the change.

digital_domain, thanks suggesting caustics. I hadn’t thought of it because they weren’t visible in the references I used but I think it adds to the render. I disagree about the DOF. though – I wanted to go for more of an amateur photo feel than a studio shot and most amateur macro pictures have a lot of DOF.