Red House

Making a little scene of terror, has anyone found the secret?


Wow! I cant believe the whole scene is made in blender!
I think the secret is: on the house it says “help me”
and my guess: the house is painted with blood.

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yes it was all made in the blender! But the secret goes deeper than that.

Tip: follow the writings

I ran this through photo shop to see more of the writing,
all got was: it says: help me, save me, …takes you.
I think there was a different language written on it too.

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I have the same result. @TreeDrew I think you may need to increase your contrast and use more framing to highlight what you want people to see. I never would have seen the writing at all if you hadn’t specifically said there was a secret, and I had to turn my phone brightness all the way up to see anything.

That aside, good work on this piece! I really like the atmosphere, and your plants look great :slight_smile:

Nice! Still searching for the secret! Or was rendereing the scene the horror - part?! :wink:

I noticed that no one is finding it but the slender one is hidden in the scene, I think I exaggerated lol

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Is it that some things are falling into the water?

Sooo, what’s the secret?

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!