Red Leaves

Had the pleasure of recreating this concept art in Blender. Original concept art, “Red Leaves” by Juhani Jokinen. I also rendered out a few extra shots based on the original artwork.



Very nice. Just suggestion, maybe you can overpaint some part. You get very good result with 3D, but little overpaint here and there will give next level.

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Appreciate the advice. I did overpaint a few details in here and there, but it was mostly just subtle details and effects.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

PS: I added a square crop as the original image didn’t display well in the featured row.


Great job! You captured the essence of the original piece! The leaf in the lower left corner is bugging me though.

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This is totally gorgeous. It is nice to see the different angles. Makes me think of The Thin Red Line and I :heart_eyes: both that movie and this amazing artwork.

But why do you choose to recreate this scene exactly? It was originally already a 3D render, no?

I like what you did with more specular and more visible foreground leaves and more contrasty shadows. The large lower leaf does not bother me; I find it an interesting touch.

neat suggestion – I looked up overpainting (so it’s the part of post-process work where you take it into a 2D program and add little bits?)

maybe you meant to suggest there could be a little added flair separate from the “original”? or maybe not… but I myself am currently pondering the possibilities of what touches might be stroked to set this new piece in a direction apart from its originator

That’s great! Would you also be able to update my Instagram name? It’s now @zenith_3d. Much appreciated.

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Sure, done

Can you do a breakdown?

I have a breakdown video here.


Love it … Great JOB

Article on blendernation about this artwork:

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Andy, could you please explain to me how you made that sharp contour in the edges of the processed image? I mean, you did it in 2D post, isn’t it?
By the way, congratulations! I really like how you created that atmosfere of tension.

Thank you

There’s a vignette in the image and the image itself has a lot of contrast.