red on red (light/shadow)

This didnt take particularly long, and is more of a light/shadow thing for me, as lighting usually seems to be my weak point

Started out as when I saw a Christmas-decoration-type-thing and thought it would be cool to try and do something similar on blender

any comments welcome

This is very well lit. It makes the scene very realistic.

Hey that’s great! I’m kind of new to blender so I have a question: is that a very detailed, displaced, custom procedural texture? Or is it a bunch of individually modelled balls with bumpmaps?

Thustrust: the bumps are a procedural texture, and the balls are seperate.

If you’re curious about the method the way i did this way;
created a Icosphere, copied it, then into edit mode, select all, delete faces and edges, seperate all loose parts.

This will give you a bunch of dots as seperate objects, select them all and press center new, then click on the copied sphere and press Ctrl-L and link to mesh data, now you have a spheres instead of the dots.

You can resize these in edit mode, as they all use the same mesh resizing anyone of them will change the rest, and you can repeat the first part again with each of these spheres.

hope some of that is helpfull


Thanks Dwarfose!

“ambassador, with this fererro roche you are spoiling us”

anyone else think that?

good work though, i like it