Red Riding Hood Bunny

I finally finished this scene. I made this round thing (Im not sure how its called) to make a turntable for my future Demo reel 2012. (my first one)
Here is the high rez:
and the wireframe:


Lol she’s(he’s?) sooo cute!
My only bad crit would be that it looks a bit too feline. Maybe making the mouth a bit curved? But i think that would take away from the nice mood it has…

I would like to see you add some little buck teeth.

hahaa, beautiful… thing!

It is kind of cute, and it is definitely fairly well done. But I have to be honest (hope you don’t mind?), this takes the “large head for cuteness” or whatever, wayyyyy to far in my opinion. It looks just plain weird to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to slam you or anything. I do think that you made it well and that that is just my personal opinion. Keep up the good work. Though I’d still watch the head sizes in the future. :wink:

A fascinating piece of slightly disturbing work. There are dark things afoot…

I love the base it’s standing on!

The character…is kind of creepy to me…I think its head is a bit too big :o (which I know was based on the concept art)

Also, the eyelid area is a bit unnatural.

Let’s see it in a bit more of a dynamic pose! :smiley:

Lovely character! I agree that proportions are way too ‘chibi’ but I like it!

Great model, 5 stars.

Lovely character and very appealing, I just think her eyes lack a little bit of life. The area around the eyes could use some tweaking, but other than that great job.