Red Scene Button in G-Blender ???

(Doc Holiday) #1

A little Question about something i have: Sometimes when i work with Scenes in G-Blender, the Scene Button on the Top becomes red. But all is Ok and working fine. What does that mean?

THX, Doc

(blengine) #2

i have nooo clue…happens to me too, buit as long as everything in my game is intact, which it is, i think the reds kind of stylish :wink:

(Dittohead) #3

that means yer pc is rigged with dynamite. :o


(Dittohead) #4

Search the BlenderBase @

(Doc Holiday) #5

LOL Maybe: “Too many ugly Meshes in this Scene!” I searched the DataBase before, but i didn’t find a Hint.

(muteinvert) #6

it means the following actions have occured:
-print screen
-open paint
-select the color red
-select the fill too
-fill the button with red
-save as jpeg

hope that helped :smiley:

(bmax) #7

i agree with you muteinvert, these guys are some pranksters that are trying to scare us innocent blender users with stories of our computer being packed with dynamite…tss-tss
/me swings his forefinger at those bad boys and gives 'em a hefty slap on the ass

Tom :wink: