Red scene name?

What does this mean?
Scene name is red and there is a 0 before the name.
I think it has something to do with me having duplicated the scene, but I can’t figure out more specifically than that.
Also couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

It would mean that it is deleted and has no users. I am not sure how to duplicate the issue. It will not be saved with the file and will be lost once the file is reloaded. I would try to make a full copy of it and make sure it’s not red anymore, then save it.

It seems you can clear users of a scene with Python


But as far as I am aware it has no logical meaning or function. It seams the scene is saved with the file anyway if this happens. As far as I understand this should never happen. There might be issues with whatever process that makes this happen. It’s a good time to make a backup I think.

Yeah, I guessed it was something like that. It happens once in a while when making a full copy of a scene. The scene is still saved with the project and when reopening it’s grey again.
A bug then. Will report later.
Thank you.

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So you are just making a new scene from the top menu and just choosing ‘Full Copy’ and that’s it? Weird. I do this a lot and it never happens to me.

just add composite node in compositing

Just had the same issue. Made a full copy. The original scene goes red…

Im using v-3.1.2.
I have a scene which has various compositor nodes, masks and tracks.
I have tried making a full copy and linked copy both cases produced the same results.
The original scene turned red.
On saving and reopening the original scene gone.
I did not try a copy settings as the point is to have a baseline scene.
which then has in this case 3 scenes based on it. Mainly because at each key point the tracks and masks need to change.
Does any one have any ideas ?
This problem seems to have been going on for quite a while, hopefully either a work around, bug fix or someone has worked out what we as users are doing wrong .

Hi Jeff,
Blender V.3.1.2
Same issue on my side.
Already have 2 scenes, Scene1 and Scene2
Right after doing a copy link of Scene1 to scene3, Scene1 goes red.
It seems Scene1 lost its User.

But after a simple Undo (Ctrl-Z) all scenes are still there and Scene1 goes back in black.
That makes no sense but it is what happened. If you are facing the same issue give it a try and let us know if this workaround resolves it.

Hope that help.

Is there a “fake user” button for a Scene?

I didn’t find any ways to make a fake user on Scene. But I saw the prefix “0” to the scene name before the issue was resolved.