Red shading with SSS

Hi, there is one thing I wonder: how do I get this red shading with the SSS shader in cycles?

I have tried to mix two SSS shaders, one skin coloured and one red coloured. I set the scale of the red coloured lower than the skin coloured one, so when looking at the mesh from the backside only the thin parts are getting red. Looks good - from the backside. All the faces facing the light are getting red, very red (obviously).

So, what to do?

You can achieve that with a single SSS node.

Reduce the green and blue components in the “Radius” field. That will give the sub surface scatter a red tinge whilst retaining the bulk colour that you set in the colour slot. The image below - the RGB values in the radius field were set to 1.0, 0.5, 0.5

Thanks, but won’t it make the frontside very bluish?

You could try mixing a diffuse or glossy with an sss instead.

Like one skin coloured diffuse with a red SSS?