Red Wolf | Hypercopter Concept

H6 | Red Wolf (Hypercopter Concept). Designed in Blender 2.9.

Full Project:


And instantly there is this old synthi soundtrack in my head ta ta ta ta ta tabah babababba bah babababba bah babababba bah babababba… … :helicopter: :wolf:

Very nice one… doesn’t look just futuristic but believable !!

And i appriciate that there is a pilot in the render… (even if some time before there wasn’t this weird idea of autonomous flighing taxis…) it looked just wrong without a pilot … and with sunglasses and headset it even haven’t to be hyperrealistic…

(Sadly there are all images in one post so i only can like it once… :wink:)

Edit: looking even closer now and on Beyanc…

A.I. assisted

:smile: so this is even more believable… assisted… not total out of control :rofl:


thanks. I appreciate the thought into it and the feedback :slight_smile:

Is the city background actual models or just hdri

DAAANGGGGG this is really well made! This looks practically realistic! The environments you put them in really compliment the color detail and spunk of the helicopters! The model is so cool and so well designed I can’t get enough of it! This is a REALLY cool build!

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Thanks man. No this is actually an HdRi from poly haven (used to be HdRi haven).

In my world I don’t have time to build up detailed cities and stuff like that. So I rely on good hdris for lighting and composition

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Wow that is so nice! The aviation enthusiast in me thinks it looks a bit strange with the fins in the middle and not in the back of the tail. Makes it unique though. It really looks like it could be a real helicopter.

I quickly looked at some of your other stuff and it is all really nice too!

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Thanks man. There’s a new series that I plan to work on that changes this design. So this would be the last “Wolf” Series. Next being “hawk” series. It’ll be a while but definitely will be quite the improvement

Wasn’t it that a helicopter even doesn’t need those…?? Okay a high speed heli like this wolf… maybe :grin:

looks freakin awesome

on a scale of 1-10, how much were you inspired by this bad boy??


We’re looking at a solid 12


Ha! Knew it!

Pitch it to Nerf. They have the kind of money to put it into reality :smiley:

I mean it’s a proven design. Even the Romans knew it.


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thanks Bart! I hope you have a great weekend!

Bro, what?! I didn’t know you used Blender! Cool to see you here!

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this is amazing !!

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why not just sell this in Microsoft Flight sim Marketplace?

shouldnt be too hard to make it functional in sim, assuming its all rigged

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Awesome! Have a great weekend Bart!

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