Rednecks in there habitat...

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Rednecks in there habitat:

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lol x 3

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My favorite is the Redneck Dog. ROFL

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the redneck pacifier, hehe

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Hrm… may be showing my roots… but I really like that deer stand… wonder if it’s got cable… if not, you could always put up DSS.


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Redneck motor home! :slight_smile:
I love it! It’s actually pretty resourceful if it’s for real!

My mom’s from Mississippi. Her child hood home was not unlike the house on that truck! It was wonderful!
This is how it was almost until she left home in the 1960’s.

Tin roof (leaky).
Four rooms (was two).
No plumbing (out house, wash tub, hand pump)
No electricity (Kerosine lamps, Franklin wood stove)
For the laundry: washboard, clothesline, and of coarse an IRON.

My grandma, who lived there from her wedding day until she passed on a few years ago, did eventually get electricity, appliances, and a bathroom (Camille took the out house and front porch in 1969).

Grandma, God rest her soul, was small but strong!
Here’s a quote from her:

To my dad:

" david, shu’ de do’. "

“What’s that May?”

" shu’ de do’ "

“I’m sorry May I…”

" Ah said shu’ de DAMN do’! "

She was great! I miss her!

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Speaking of Rednecks…

What about Rednecks date???

( :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Hehe… I lived in a house somewhat similar when my parents left for Japan. It’s the second house on our property… my grandfather was a history nut, and moved it onto our property because the owners were going to tear it down. It’s certanly the olded wood-frame house standing in Baldwin Co., if not all of Alabama. I lived there for about a year and a half.

It had a tin roof, which we put some kind of thick silver-tar type coating on before they left. We already had it wired for electricity and plumbing (though sometimes the water would run rust-colored, hehe). Also, didn’t have any climate control until right after I moved in. We piped it for natural gas, and put in floor heaters (ourselves, but it had to be tested by the gas company for leaks first). No cooling though… unless you count box fans in the window. It didn’t have any locks on the doors or windows either… until the day after my computer was stolen. :frowning: Best guess is the house was originally built around 1812. My grandfather moved it, numbering everything board by board, brick by brick (3 fireplaces), and reassimbled it. It was at one point only two rooms, but eventually added on another two (though you have to walk out on the porch to get to them).

Almost died in that house too… someone soaked a glove in gasoline, put a bottle rocket in it, and set it off in the corner of the front door… as charred as the corner of that door was, I have no Earthly idea why it didn’t go up. And me, I was inside and asleep through the whole thing. AND, I didn’t know until 2 days later, only 10 feet from the door was a Natural Gas leak. Don’t blame our work… the leak was on the utility company’s side of the meter, lol.

Most people in my family believe the house is haunted by a benign ghost… the builder and original owner of the house. I never believed it until I started living there. :o


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I happen to be the son of rednecks. Rednecks are decent, hard working people. They do the jobs everyone else thinks they’re too good to do, but need doing anyway. Just wait until I get my site up making fun of all of the pale skinned doughboys (and girls) with computer chairs growing out of their arses.

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:o Chairs growing out of thier arses!!! :o I gotta see one of these. j/k, I really don’t.