redundant 'ghost' material pops up from nowhere


I have the following problem: I’m importing an object from another .blend into the .blend I’m currently working on.

The object uses fewer than 16 of my palette of ‘agreed-on’ colours for my project (I take great care to use no more than 16 colour materials so I can merge objects freely.)

As a consequence of importing I’m getting a fair amount of ‘.001’ type materials.

After getting rid of them two mysteroius materials called “material.003” and “material.004” are still in my material palette after saving, quitting and re-opening I haven’t a clue how they got there, only that they appear whenever I import the object, that the object (nor indeed any object) positively does not use them, that I never consciously created them and that I can’t get rid of them in any way I know of.


Marco :slight_smile:

They could only have got there by you creating them, either deliberately or by accident. To the right of the material name is the small F button selected. This means it has been given a fake user. deselect that before trying to delete. You’ll have to reopen the blend file to see if it has been removed.


I managed to get rid of materials .003 and .004 by simply ignoring the fact that they didn’t flare up hen I hit ‘select’ in the editing panel (my way of checking which faces are using them) and then deleting them.

I’d still like to know just where they where lurking because they definitely weren’t on any face, but I’m glad they’re gone.