Reel of my hobby game projects

Reel of my hobby game projects.
Rendered with Blender Game Engine, so everything is realtime and runs 20-40fps on my very old Gef7600 videocard. :slight_smile:

Youtube link, please watch in hd!

All hail bizzatch pumping dance beat.:cool:

Magnificent stuff. You have a professional-looking demo reel, there. Quality sculpting and textures, plus excellent lighting. The box-robot I liked very much. Way to evolve the standard Blender cube, eh?

I really liked the metal materials on the statues; very realistic and easy on the eyes.

My sole complaint is your use of YouTube: a very creepy place for me, and a reminder of many horrendous late-night nightmares. But for a reel of this caliber, I can forgive that.

Keep up the excellent work.

Where do you get all your textures for your models? 0.o Did you paint them yourself?

the lighting and shading is so amazing

i wish i knew your secrets to making things look so awesome

lot’s of the things in that game engine would probably even stand up to 1 shot renders of artwork! very nice, especially for real time graphics!

Nothing less. Great stuff.

Nice stuff man. I favor the robot and the vehicle.

Great demo, I enjoyed watching it.

Spectacular! Makes we want to play a shooter again - Now!
[goes to dig out doom3 again]…

most excellent video. 5 stars :slight_smile:
i’m pretty interested in doing game maps for shooters… where to start?

Gooooog SUper job

They are great and amazing!!! The shading and performance are top level absolutely!!
Keep this going!!! =)

Excellent! The best realtime work I think I’ve seen in Blender.

asides the awful music, absolutely great work :slight_smile:

watched the whole thing in HD, love it (except for the music, very meh), love the realistic materials, which is very good for a game engine, but just one question:
do those “iphone” levels really work full speed on an iphone?

woah…that is seriously amazing. really, really awesome, Endi :smiley: :smiley: definitely going to add that video to my faves :smiley:

and everything runs real-time?!? :eek:

Yes. I use normal maps and refmaps on that levels, but it looks same without these.
Otherwise it uses two texture channel with small textures (baked lights and the surface textures). And it is very low poly. So it can run on iPhone.

well, that’s pretty awesome, i’ve never seen 3d that good on an iphone o_O

nice work I want to get to know u, u know alot

Hi. This is a good demo. Do you use the “radiosity” feature in your real time scene, or just lightmap ?