Reference image camera viewport (?) 3.2

hi guys! does anybody knows where he puts the reference image in the first step? i just couldn’t find it in the camera settings, i don’t know how i can put the image on the camera like that… im an absolute beginner so xD i really don’t know how this works…

You need to go into your camera view. You can get there by either pressing on the small camera icon on the 3D viewport’s right side (under the magnifying glass and the hand). You can also get there by using the hotkey 0 on your number pad.

Drag the image right into the camera’s view.

However, he also has a custom setup for his workspace, and apparently he doesn’t explain that here. You might have problems following just because your default workspaces will look different.

I watched a bit more of that tutorial, and it doesn’t get easier – it’d probably be a good idea if you followed an introductory video for Blender first, something that teaches you about navigation and movement. It’d be even better for your long-tern success if you followed one of the free courses that introduces the basics before tackling anything semi-complicated, like this one from CG Cookie:
Or if you prefer to actually create something while learning, even if it’s not something you’d create once you understand Blender (I do; I never learn as well if I am just being presented with different tools), I highly recommend Grant Abbitt’s intro course to Blender, also free:

Good luck!

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thank you sooooo much!

hey, also when i try to drag the image it just doesn’t work… like, nothing happens… any ideas?

Hm. Maybe your image isn’t in a format Blender can read natively, like webp or avif? jpg and png are safe, others might depend on whether you have required add-ons enabled.

In any case, you can also try to load the image instead of dragging it – select your camera, go to its Object Data properties (on the right-hand lower side in the Properties Editor, the green camera icon). Click the checkmark next to Background Images. Expand the section. Click on Add Image. Click on Open, navigate to the file folder with your image, and select it. The advantage of this method is that the browser will only show images Blender can load.

Hope this works for you.