Reference image problems

Right, I’m having some troubles setting up reference images in Blender 2.5

The image below shows my problem:

Circled in red is the 2 vertices I selected in left view.
The arrow points to where the same two vertices are selected on top view.
I want the vertices to be selected on the right side of the plane in top view, so that it would extrude to the right. It’s kind of hard to explain, so tell me if you don’t understand. Rotating the plane makes no difference.

If you can help, please do.



If you can help, please do.
I would if I knew what you wanted. Reading your post I’m none the wiser. Explain precisely what you want and attach your blend file to your post (include all reference textures)

Basically right, if you look at the top view, you’ll the see bottom two vertices of the plane selected. If you look at the left view (bottom left) you’ll see that the two right vertices are selected. I want to extrude the two right vertices so that it goes along the side of the train.

The problem is that, when I try and extrude right, the two bottom vertices on the top view extrude down when they should extrude to the right.

As I said, it’s quite hard to explain so sorry if I’m not explaining it properly. I’ve attached the .blend. If you want the reference images, just say and I’ll attach them.


ICE.blend (475 KB)

The problem is that, when I try and extrude right, the two bottom vertices on the top view extrude down when they should extrude to the right.
That’s exactly what should be happening. The two right vertices in left view correspond to the two bottom vertices in the top view. When you extrude right in the the left view, you’re extruding along the negative Y-axis (the same as extruding “down” in the top view).

But I think I figured out what you really want to do, correct me if I’m wrong, do you want to select the two right vertices in left view and extrude them so that they go along the length of the train in top view?

I can’t see how that would work the way you hope since the length of the train travels the x-axis in top view and the y-axis in left view. You could rotate the plane 90 in top view and match the lengths along the y-axis, which would make it easier to understand which way your extrusions will be going.

If I’m wrong can you provide more specific details, i.e. when you say the right vertices, which view are you referring to? Likewise when you ‘rotate the plane’, which view are you referring to. I’ve also attached a pic of a reference image setup I used for a model which may help.


Rotating the plane doesn’t work because it’s the background image in the top view that is the problem. Rotate the top image by 90 (CW or CCW you decide) degrees. Then when you select the same two vertices you can then drag them down along the train edge in the top view.

Hard to tell, but looking at your Top view you seem to have three vertices selected.

Press A, re-select the vertices and extrude.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I want. So I just rotate the image 90 degrees so that the nose of the train is facing up? (You can’t see the nose in the image, but it’s to the left)

Nope, I think the 3rd point you see is the origin (don’t ask why it’s there :P).

OK, Set my Blender up with same views and a plane and only way i could get it to do what you describe was by having three vertices selected on the plane

Don’t worry, Fade has sorted it :wink:

Thanks though!

Not worried, but i am now totally confused how rotating a background image solved a modelling problem.

:slight_smile: Glad you got it sorted. Can you please mark the thread as solved (edit your original post) when you get a chance?

@Charlie D; not so much a modelling problem as it was an orientation issue.