Reference images for modeling. Best Practices.

Greetings modelers.
In regards to reference images: We have a warehouse full of vintage goodies, everything from tools to furniture with more stuff coming all the time. I must photograph many of these items to prepare them for sale/rent. It occurred to me that shooting reference images for modeling purposes would be a cracking idea. So I have done the first set, a Vintage Mixmaster Blender, this is just a tester, I cracked it off hand held, no lights blah blah…
So what do people, who do way more modelling than I, want to see in a reference image.

Image Size? File format? Background color?
Do you want a size scale? The items basic dimensions.
I am still a probie so I can not post links but you can just Google " dahjoat " and you will find the blender reference on the front page.

NOTE I had two sites hacked by link-cloaking vermin, they have been DE-hacked and secured…again…you may see a notice in Google search… what a pain…I assure you the site is safe.
So if anybody has any thoughts, ideas, suggestion on reference image imaging and presentation have at it.

Reference image should be orthographic; front, sides top and back. Use long lens, telephoto, to reduce distortion. Use tripods. You can place ruler next to it for scale reference. Here is example:

You can use photo texture to create objects texture. If you plan to do this lighting and image size becomes important. You need it as large as possible and flat lit.

Thank you some good tips there, I had considered texture extraction from the images perhaps not enough… you have given me some ideas to think about. I dream of the 24mm shift tilt for architecture and products…alas thanks for the input. I’m off to get the parts for a waste oil heater for the warehouse/studio today, a Joats work is never done…

A warehouse full of stuff and a dedicated photographer, you could build quite a site. What a great idea :slight_smile:

Well that’s part of the plan.
I see now after actually loading the first images in the viewports that I was a little premature in release and the the title of the post should be “Real Bad reference images for modeling”.

“Its only thru error that we tend towards truth”

So the next batch will be better, much better. I sheepishly admit the first ones are not very good. I hope to pour the concrete for the base to the studio camera stand and get the turntable set up this week. So the flow should be starting after that…