Reference images on the side

i haven’t seen anything about this but i’m wondering if it’s possible to have a window that’s a sort of image browser, so that i can put reference images (one at a time) on the side of the 3d window. i’m not looking to trace anything, just have a general reference. i realize i could map a plane, but i really want something that stays still as i navigate.

sorry if this is a very newbie question, but i figured it would be better to ask than stay ignorant.

the best way i know is to go to “view” then “background image” and then load.
im sorry i dont have any pics to better explain:D

Read up about customising your Blender layout. There’s ne reason you can’t split your 3D window down the centre and make one side an image window, then just load your ref image in it.
That help?

You can put a reference image in any 3d window. You can move the reference image to the side of your model using the x offset or y offset sliders. You can create a window just for the reference image, adjust the view so nothings in the window but the image. Using a separate window would let the image “stay still as you navigate” since changing the view away from top, front, side or camera will blank out a reference image in that window.

UV Image Editor works well.

thanks so much for the different solutions! i know about splitting windows, i just figured that since it had nothing to do with UV mapping, that wouldn’t be the right type of window. or that you could attatch an image to one 3d view and it wouldn’t be in all of them. excellent, this is very helpful.

Of course if you have lots of money you can get a second monitor, and display the reference image on that. :wink: