reference images

hello all. i’m new to blender and was trying to follow tutorials on how to model in this program, but got stuck immediately trying to import my reference images. i can’t figure out why blender won’t allow me to put them in the viewports.

i’m using blender 2.59

i have been going to view-properties-background images

when i try to load my pictures from the “pictures” folder i have, they don’t show up in the choices i can choose from. wondering if it’s the file type, but i tried both png and jpg. neither show up in the choices. is there another type that is supposed to work?

jpg or png should show up in the open file menu. i have no idea why they are not showing. another way to load background images is to drag the files from your os-file-browser and drop them in the 3dview.

The background pictures will show up in orthographic 3D-view only.
My guess would be that your 3D view is in perspective view and it makes little sense to show a background picture in perspective view.
Just press numpad-5 to toggle between orthographic and perspective view.

@mikksu i never thought of doing it like that. i shall try that next.

@Ulf B. i didn’t think i was in the perspective viewport. i had 2 views open on front and right. maybe i was wrong. i will check the perspective viewport and see what’s on it. with my luck, i somehow did put it on the perspective XD

i’ll try these out tomorrow. too tired to fool with it right now. thanks for the help!

ok. i’ve tried the drag-and-drop method and that allows my pictures to show up, but in more than one viewport. not only does it show up in the front viewport, but right as well, interfering with my side picture reference. i have tried twice now, dropping the picture in the front viewport, but it still does this. i always make sure i’m in the front view and not perspective. i am so confused ><

in the view port press “N”, scroll to the background image section. Play around with the settings. you can choose which view to display the image, have multiple reference images, move them scale them and set their transparency.

nm. i somehow got it to work XD