Reference pics repository?

Hi all,

Maybe it doesn’t exists but… Is there some websites where I could find good reference pics? I mean, every time I want to start a new realistic Blender project it’s often very hard to find at least face and side views of the same object… For the Stargate it was easy (there are so many fan sites :slight_smile: ), I’m modelling a Beaver plane right now I found some blueprints… But for an animal it’s far more difficult! I searched for several hours for two views of the same frog, no luck so far… :frowning:

Any idea? (not exactly for the frog I mean, but something general)?


Have you tried searching for frog+anatomy?
You’ll get a lot of stuff on disections, but there may be more dorsal, ventral, and lateral, external views.

I found a lot of different pics, different species, different positions… So far I didn’t find face & side of the same frog (but maybe I’ll find, I keep searching).
Anyway, a good general refence pics repository would be a good idea, if it doesn’t exist yet. With each time face and side, maybe top and bottom if needed… Maybe a thread (with sticky?) here would be a good start, if everyone contributes I’m sure we’ll have something usefull soon.

As a start (anyone else interested?) here’s the blueprint I use for my Beaver DHC2 (I don’t remember where it came from):