Reference Picture Problem

My background image that i set up becomes stretched plus “bent”. Like a printed pic folded to cut off a part in the middle. When i zoom in/out it gets worse. [stretches more]


[it’s a screenshot so i’m leaving it as a link. If you guys have hide/spoiler tags on this forum, mention it.]

it looks like a graphics card problem

but does it do it with all background images or just that one?

Does is still happen in 2.48a (new version of blender)

2.48 doesn’t have that issue. Good. How come Blender doesn’t auto update? or is that a setting somewhere i don’t have on for some reason…>.>"

Thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated. :smiley:

I’m not 100% sure why blender doesn’t auto-update
but would guess that when certain sections of the program are rebuilt from scratch it is easier and faster to release a new version without having to write an application that would update what ever version the user has.
This would mean more time to develop new features etc - and everybody can reap the reward
Just a guess though.

Keep an eye on blendernation for when new versions are released
(there is a rss feed too :wink: