Reflected Christmas Scene

This is what would be a complete image of my Submission to the Blender Guru Christmas 2013 Competition.

But… even though the deadline is past due, I kind of want to keep working on this just because I know I can do a few improvements.

Immediately, here are a few things I will be changing or would like to change but lack some knowledge currently:

  1. The glass Materials for the cup in the reflection and the mini-light on the right. I haven’t found a good mix of glass material and what I would assume should be a translucent shader.

  2. Some key points of focus do appear to be too distant in the reflection.

  3. Something about the lighting leaves me wanting something different… maybe something more rustic or earth tone-y. Maybe not the best idea for a Christmas scene, but rules are subjective in some cases, I guess.

Let me know if anything else pops out at you. There are a few other things I want to change, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll leave them out for now.

Thanks in advance!