Reflecting Hair

I have a model with hair and a shiny “gold” object next to it, but the hair doesn’t reflect – it only reflects the object’s surface under the hair. Any way to fix this?

Make sure, you use PolygonStrands for RayMirror, Not the Keypointstrands from the Particel Panels, they are faster in rendering, but do not react on Raytracing.

Get precise info here:


Found the setting, but Blender crashes every time I render with Polygon Strands enabled – even at thumbnail-sized resolution. Any ideas on how to reduce the memory usage without changing the way stuff looks? I even tried the Really Big Render script and still crashed.

Because I don’t know much about your scene, just some ideas:

Hope this helps, Patel

This is great, thanks for the detailed info. I’ll give it a shot.