reflecting metal / gold / bronze

(Bentagon) #1

how do I make a material that looks like metal/gold/bronze and reflects light??
I want to make an animation of a golden gun (Desert Eagle) shooting in slowmotion, so you can see the bullet (the bronze color) move out of the gun. Don’t really need the metal right now, but I just thought it was good to know for maybe later projects…
hope some of you guys can help me!

(IMProvisar) #2

There’s a chrome effect tutorial here on Elysiun.

Hope this is what you’re looking for.


(harkyman) #3

Also, when making a metal, especially the burnished copper of a fired round, be sure to up the filter value on the relfected texture to blur it a bit - turn down the col slider on the texture so the base (copperish) color of the material shows through, and for metals, always make sure that the spec color is a shade of the base color - not white.

(Bentagon) #4

thanks for the help!