Reflecting parts of an BGE-Material...?


i like to make a BGE material, with an extra grayscale picture, i created, to exclude parts of the texture, for a relfection map, which is the 3rd layer, between the diffuse- and the opacity map (grayscale picture) …should work like a specular map, just for excluding those parts, where the reflection should not be shown.

i tried with regular material edito, with no success. sorry the node system is to much for me. i can only rebuild it in node system, if someone would show me how. :stuck_out_tongue:

any suggestions? :eyebrowlift:

thnx 4 any help

give me ur blend file and I do it =D with the ref map =D
(hardly wait for the 2.5 time node )

You don’t need nodes- just make sure “no rgb” and “stencil” are on the middle texture, in the “map to” panel. Also, it’s best to use a grayscale texture for filesize reasons, because a texture set to stencil will ignore colors anyways, if it has any.

I will make a node tree for you =D ,…decide :evilgrin:

thnx for your help guys, it truly works with the “stencil” and “noRGB” button. afterwards for me logical!! omg i passed exactly that one xD i am a fool.

hehe Independent soul - thnx for your attendance, but it seems the easiest way is simply to press those two buttons found in the “Map To” Options =)

greetings from austria