reflection of light in mirror to other mesh surface

Hello every body
ok here is the 1 image, I ook on the internet
find lots of info
but not not on this simple problem
mirror material does not reflect the light on the black ground
an other image, same problem
the back of the kanji recive no light
Thanks if you can help

The effect you are after is called caustics.

This is a limitation of Blender there are two ways to achieve what you are after.

  1. fake it in blender (position a light behind the mirror and shine it onto the ground)
  2. Use Yafray or Yaf(a)ray to render with caustics using Photons.

thanks for your reply…
Blender can do so many things but cannot do that
I am astonish…
I will try with yafray
but a bit problem…
my texture is completly differente in yafray…
the look is really different…
this shoud be an othere thread but…
can you tell me what to do