Reflection pixelated

So I’ve tried multiple times to get the light on this render to look more realistic but all it ever comes out looking like is this. I would love some help! thank you so much.

this is the helmet I modeled. As you can see the shine off of it is very pixelated.

are you using eevee? or just some other reflection map?

looks like you need to turn up the resolution of your reflection texture.

EDIT: more likely check the smoothing!

Are you sure you have set the object to smooth shade?

This ^ looks like the problem to me.

You’re seeing the underlying face-structure of the mesh. Subdividing the mesh will make the faces smaller, and smooth shading will help further. Notice how the effect is much less pronounced near the ear-hinge and the bottom of the faceplate where the angle between the surface and the camera lens is greater.

How do I do that exactly? Sorry I’m still fairly new to blender and this is the first non weapon I have made.

How exactly do i do that?

What is being reflected? I’m unable to derive perspective, but if you reflect a HDR image using a long focal length you can run into pixelation. If it’s a lightsource, then I’m prone to guessing smooth shading not being enabled.

Problem solved, I got it down you guys were right. All I need to do was put the shading on smooth.

Problem solved.