Reflection Problem

Hello all!

I’ve problem with reflection on the floor that u can see on 1st image on 2nd is node for this floor…
Can i ask you for some tip or solution for this situation ???

You should change Color Space from Filmic Log to Non-Color (sRGB ones are correct and can stay as it is):

Yeah thanks i think it looks better if we look at all textures…
(without right side of floor where i get some weird effect that was created without my participation)

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And in the end, there we have final render.
What do u think about this project?

It looks pretty realistic. Maybe It could use some improvements like color grading, vignette etc.

Also, did you use Eevee or Cycles?

If it’s completely finished, you could present it in the Focused Critiques section for further improvements or in Finished Projects.

I used cycles for this with 1000 samples and Radeon R9 380x (still lerning on old card to get better and then buy something new) it took a ±1h, for denoise i used Neat Image and PhotoSpaceX.