Refraction effect

I am wondering how to create a refraction effect in the GE. I want to show movement of air with image distortion, similar to a heat wave effect. I’m also wondering if there is a non-GLSL way to accomplish this, as my graphics card is incapable of GLSL renderings. Any answer, non-GLSL or otherwise, is much appreciated! Thanks!

Good luck :frowning:

Not that I don’t appreciate your comment, but I think that might be counted as spam, as it really doesn’t contribute to the subject at all.

On the other hand, I also said that if there was a GLSL solution, that would be appreciated as well.

Thanks though.

This would probably require GLSL, and also be computationally-expensive, but I wonder what would happen if you mapped a realtime camera input to a non-flat surface and placed the surface between the main camera and the stuff which needs refracting.

there’s a water refraction blend in the resource section, search for it.

That’s applying distortion to a texture applied to a plane. It isn’t refracting anything.

Regardless if your using GLSL or not, “true” real-time refraction is difficult to pull off. I believe the only way you can pull off real-time refraction (with rasterization), is by adjusting the uv texture (aka: mapping it to your object). I found these article which may be helpful:


Not in real-time, but you can look into cube maps…

Actually, the fake refraction might work well enough, but it the sample file from that thread ran at 16fps.

Thanks for all of your guys’ help!

Try that. It has refraction. Pretty neat :slight_smile: