Refraction problem post render


I seem to be having a problem with refraction through a window. As you see in the second picture, without the window, the table is positioned normally against the wall. However, with the window in place, once rendered, the table appears to be at an exaggerated refracted angle.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,


It seems to be caused by the shadow ray on the light paths node…

We need more information…
What is the node setup of your glass material? Does it have refractive properties (refraction or glass shaders)?
Does that glass pane have thickness? Or is it just a flat plane?

Never use refractive materials in Cycles on geometry that is physically implausible/impossible.

Hey mate. The node setup is as per the window generator add on. It has dual panes, and a light path with Diffuse ray and shadow ray.

Haha sorry mate. Not to sure how to screen shot. Anyways, it was caused by the shadow ray on the light path node.