Refractive light and abstract colour animations

I’m quite new to Blender but dabbled in modelling over the past couple of years. I’m wanting to really boost my material, lighting, shading and rendering skills by creating some cool refractive glassy visuals. Ideally they’d be animated to fully show off the colours / light moving through the material, so found some references of what I’m after. This is an awesome photographs by a guy called Shane Griffin and also two links to motion graphics by a UK agency called Studio Treble (kudos to them both):

Throwing myself in at the deep end with this, how should I go about creating these sorts of visuals in Blender?

You’ll need some suitable materials first - perhaps take a look at the threads below.

After that - it’ll be all about how you set up your lighting and background.

Super useful, I really appreciate it!

Dear Robert, have you found the way, how to make this abstract shapes?

Robert, can I ask if you’ve been successful with combining a material like the reference pictures you attached? If so, it would come in real handy for me & my project now, to have a few tips… Let me know! and have a great week.

Heres one you can play with, made from bits I learned from this thread, but will get you what yr ,looking for…
dispersion (746.2 KB)

Hope that helps.


wow thank you!! this made my day & saved project. have a great life! ( meaning it in all seriousness)

hi @AlphaChannel
Can you help to advise how to change this shader to have similar effect as below … color glass see through ?


Something like this?

Your image is small.

Hope that helps.
dispersion (785.6 KB)

Thanks … however appears u using a node not found in Blender 3.3 (stable release).
Are you using another version … maybe due to this, the results I got not the same as yours ?
Looking at your previous version, I think this node is Mix RGB? but your diagram appears to be a different node. Anyway I tried with Mix RGB, the sphere results isn’t same as yours which I think will be what I needed.

Hi @AlphaChannel
I change the fac value = 0 on the mix RGB and try to see if I can get “colored” ray effects with cycle. Seems ok … except the sphere still not getting the results you have …

Oh, hi yes, I used Blender 3.4 Mix node has changed to a general mix node now.

On the Sphere it looks like the layer weight fresnel needs to be less, this is just to put the effect at glancing (low) angles. So just at the edges of the sphere.

I only checking in Eevee as my gpu is not too good but should be good for cycles.

Thanks … so that’s what Fresnel is about. I have to bring it down to Blend=0.18 to get the effect I needed … maybe lower.
Any try to apply to this glass garden … does get the effect somewhat. I think need more fine tuning on the lighting setup to simulate the one in the diagram I shown earlier.

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Its looking good.

You can substitute that Voronoi node and add something more like yr ref.
It was so small I can hardly see it.

layer wieght and fresnel are handy nodes.

Hi @AlphaChannel,
I like to seek help again as I tried so many times still fail to get the effect … and also tried out glass dispersion material from this site, the results is below. Sending a bigger picture of the |rainbow room" that I try to emulate. Appreciate so further pointers

Results of using “Dispersion Glass” from this site still not getting it (see my best results not even close to the Rainbow Room picture above :frowning:

my best results so far … sadly.
Left top is a prism with “dispersion glass” material

Left bottom sphere is with “Thin Film” material which is here to illustrate I had tried that material too but results is still far from the picture of Rainbow room