Deadmau5, with a royal twist.
The voting opens now so i would be greatful if you could vote. but only if you deem my design worthy of a vote, I would not want get votes by simply whoring myself out.

Rendered with Blender Cycles, the default velvet came in very handy.

Haha, love the creeper! Good luck in the contest.

Hahaha very good, Nice twist on the common deadmau5 renders we see so much of here :slight_smile:

Thank you very much guys. I am currently at 38th position now, down from 12th last night :confused:
It seems a lot of bad designs having been getting a lot of support from facebook friends… the problem with a public voting system I suppose!
Kinda thinking i should have angled the render, added some stronger key lighting and lightened the background. oh well! deadmau5 looks at the top 50 so the number 1 place doesn’t automatically win!

Well I sure voted for you :stuck_out_tongue: good luck jackster :slight_smile:

Haha thanks Greg, but I have been pushed well out of the top 50, and embarrassingly, by some terrible designs. would be grateful for any votes from the blender community.

also, I was wondering how it would be possible to get realistic dispersion in the diamonds, would that be something that Cycles is capable of?

Your sense of design is uncanny, respectfully, yet can not salute a mouse mickey or not.

I don`t like it , it is to crowdy to be worn by Deadmou5. No feel of electro in there and it is unbalanced to the eye.