Regarding Licence of an Add-on

I wanted to learn some hard-surface modeling using Box-cutter add-on but it’s a bit expensive for me. I was reading about the Blender’s Licencing ( and and from what I can make out, all the add-ons should be available for free (unless it contains any models, like grasswald which need not be free).

So, I wanted to know if there is a free open-source version of that add-on and is it legal to download it from other sites.

I think you’d be better off just asking @masterxeon1001 than downloading it from a shady website.


Yeah I’ve mailed him but I wanted to know more about licensing of blender in general and whats allowed and not allowed. And yeah if it’s not available, I would not use it instead if downloading it from elsewhere. I know how much work goes into developing these add-ons and I would buy it when convenient.
Thanks for the reply.

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As far as I understand, all Blender add-ons are licensed as GPL just like Blender itself so you can legally use them without paying. But as you say, it’s a community-support thing :slight_smile:


Boxcutter is $20, that is as cheap as something of this quality gets. If you’d like to have a discount you might get it if you send a message asking for a coupon because you’re a student / living on a budget.

Without masterxeon something like this wouldn’t exist at all and the development definitely isn’t cheap but I can see how in some countries $20 can be a lot. But with stuff like this it’s always about if you’re able to make $ out of it later.

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The price of something always depends on where you live, but Blender has one of the cheapest ways of getting addons/plugins for the application.

I myself find addons often a bit too cheap for what they deliver. Higher prices will make it easier for a dev to maintain a addon and make a living of it. And more money would flow back to the Blender devs as well.


Yeah that’s the problem. If you take purchase power of my country into account, the money would roughly convert to USA’s $69 so you get the idea.

response sent. Good luck.


Maybe a thought is needed for student licenses or some way of subsidising artitsts in third world. Many of these addons are often not buyable for countries like India for no direct payment method available although they are very affordable. Maybe Blender can partner with someone in India like steam does with Novaplay.