Regarding our dear friend Farsthary

Has anyone heard how Farsthary went in the last hurricane? He would have to be one of the nicest guys I have persons I have ever met (via blender), I know you are all very nice too, just…

I knew he had some trouble after the first hurricane but then IKE came along and, well to put it plainly, I am worried about our dear friend, there has been nothing since.

Any news?

P.s. I am not asking with regard the volumetric stuff :no:, this is purely out of concern for our friend.

P.P.S. To the mods, if this is the wrong place please move it to the appropriate thread, I thought this was worth asking here.

last time i heard from him was 4 days ago.
I’m sure he’s alright, you can just always count on internet/electricity to work after a natural disaster.

The islands in that area get virtually raped by hurricanes every year. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Might be out of communication for a while but he’ll be fine. :wink:

Last I heard - the damage wasn’t so severe.

last I heard, Ike flooded a huge part of cuba.

There was 4 death (I believe) while Ike was passing. Let’s hope Farsthary is alright.

But after that much wind and flood…electricity might be down for a while.

I hope he is okay as well.

But if he’s been severely injured where he can no longer work or have died, let’s remember him by getting the volumetrics source code he has submitted polished up and officially intergrated for Blender 2.50.

… :eek:

I wouldn’t worry too much. Cuba goes through this every year. They have several drills each year to practice for dealing with hurricans, and do far better than most other nations in the area in dealing with them.
While he may not have internet service for a while, and while there may be flooding and damage from the storm, they seem to deal with it very efficiently.
Unless we hear other wise, I think we can safely assume he’ll be fine.

80 people in Cuba died because of Ike

eh… there is already thread here, about his coding work, and it also has information how things are going… i think that’s enough, and easier for people to follow than several threads… so i’m closing this.

if other mods feel differently, then feel free to reopen it, smack me on the head, pull down the pants, kiss me goodnight and feed me with chocolads.