Register and save scores online

I finally made myself a website ( ) and so here is a system that has the player register for an account or sign into an existing one, and then the score they get in the game can be uploaded to my website under their account, and retrieved later. I’ll probably add a messaging function too.

It’s totally free but if you wanna help me keep my website up and running, and maybe as a thanks, there’s a donate button on the main page of my website. Anyway, enjoy :slight_smile:

Click here to go to the download page

I fixed a bunch of issues on the server side, and I also made the pool score work. The pool scores is just the name for the leaderboard.

Tutorial on how to set up the blend:

Wow thats a great way of doing things so Lets say i want to create a system where players play the game and all in game achievements and scores of members that have an account will be uploaded online on the website. (And scores and achievements will only be displayed to members of the website.

Is it also possible to E-Mail the scores to my personal Email address where i will be able to view players stats and achievements?


Scores and achievements is possible but I won’t make it publicly available; just for anyone who asks me to do it like you. So if you have a game in which you would like to use this system and you want to save achievements, I’ll modify the script and my server script for it to work for you.

Emailing scores with Python is possible but I have found it very buggy, especially with gmail because google blocks the email from being sent due to security reasons. I have found aol does not work at all?. I have not tried other email providers though. take a look at this.

Not bad at all i like that link they really go in depth, we’ll talk in future i dont need anything for now !!! Im just working as hard as i can to get my game out !!! Should i need a system i will ask a tutorial on how to actually setup. For scores and achievements. No probs bro keep up the Awesome work its really great of you doing that because it is very usful for Games (Blender Games) these days. Peace bro


I created a lite version of the registration blend. No need for a password. Just enter a username and click play and you are all set to go.

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cool, this is awesome

Does it save and load all stats or your progress. can i further your script by making it do more? (A user creates a Username where all his player progress is saved including Stats and Leaderboards) Im thinking of using this as a way of saving player stats and prorgess under an offline Username.


Just encode all the variables you want to store into the single score variable that is being posted.