Hello all, this is my first time ever posting on this forum, and I wanted to share my work, since I am looking to improve my 3D skills. So, don’t hesitate making a constructive critic and/or giving tips and tricks :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!


Cool work! I love when guitars draw. There is nothing to criticize, only the chops on the fretboard seem to me a little big. But I did not hold such a guitar in my hands)))
If you are interested, here is my art on the theme of guitars

Thanks a lot for your reply, I appreciate you took the time!

I really like the shape of your bass (In the link you provided) I’ve never seen such a bass like this before. Moreover, I find the look of your speakers very interesting!

This is an old bass made in the USSR, around the 80s. Dynamics from the Soviet speaker system, just the 80s. In the early 90’s in Russia not all had the opportunity to buy quality tools, so they enjoyed what was. Amplifying equipment was often a household))