Relative Vertex Key tutorial?

The tutorial that BlenderChar recomended (
is a broken link. I can’t find another good RVK tutorial anywhere, can someone help me? thank you. Also, I would like to thank Modron and Fligh % for helping so many people in need. I salute you! Modron and Fligh make a good team. thanks modron for putting up a mini-tut usually, and fligh for putting up a much wanted link.

and select the english version.

There are four tutorials there. I suggest doing them in order.

How to create and use vertex keys ?
RVKs Part I of III.
RVKs Part II of III.
RVKs Part III of III.

My video tute on the subject will be out in about a week.


thank you so much. This has got to be the best community iv’e ever been to.

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