Relax and Cycles

Full global ilumination - cycles 3k samples.

Looks great, but first step of the stairs looks strange (texture has different direction).

I like it!

Looks good, except for the wood grain texture problem Lesiu pointed out, which is also a problem under the stairs going up from the second landing. Wood grain should run the length of the board, not the width. Five starts assuming you correct it.

I love it, there’s lots of talent on this forums. :slight_smile:
My super weak point is setting up the lights. hehe.
To me it looks real. ^^

Top notch job on this. I agree on what others mentioned about that first step.

You are right, WhiteSoul, but the more real it looks, the more those little construction details jump out. No actual builder would cut wood that way to build steps. Seriously, it is excellent work, but excellent work with an asterisk *
Although this is really Focused Critique type nit-picking.

(*fix the textures on the steps!!)

Wow, I’ve never thought about that. :stuck_out_tongue:
It seems so complex to be a good CG designer… (And just in case I’m not saying that LuisVoronov is not a good CG designer, he is a good one. ^^)

This enlightened well your part, good job.

Besides the wood, this looks very realistic, I love renders like these, and inspire me, and impress me greatly. Keep up the great work! :smiley: