This is my last model made in Blender and render with cycles 1000 samples.

Looks stunning, sir. I like the composition and the image looks quiet real, though the chair looks a little bit too smooth/soft for leather. The wrinkkes should be a little bit harder and detailed.
But all in all it looks great and it tells a good story about a great musician. :slight_smile:

The rug and floor really sell the image with the light interaction.

Very nice view.



This is a Real story…This is mine :slight_smile:

Really great! I love all the details you added. :slight_smile: The only thing I feel that is missing is a baseboard against the wall. Overall, I really love it!

Very good, I really like it! Could you share some information on the light setup? Is the environment in the window a JPEG or an HDRI? Did you use additional light sources behind the camera?

there is a simple light setup. I have used one hdri image and an enviromental background. There is one sun light and a little bit of ambient oclusion. No other light behind the Camera.

These are some node setup.

This is the scene setup.

Thanks for the comments, u are right, i have forgot the baseboard.

wow awesome!!! Great job Marco, i think this is your best render.

Thanks friend!!! U are agree, this is one of my best render…

Hey man…awesome details, lovely scene!!! I want relax myself in this room! :slight_smile:

You are welcome!!!

Can i have the guitar textures and materials? Thanks

Can u show me the guitar materials? And can u send me the gelated textures? Thanks

Yes no problem, tomorrow i will add all things…