Relocate and scale appended animation

Hi Guys!

I created an animation, a game made out of several parts is being assembled and than rotates and shows it functions. Like the standard part assembly videos of machines, parts flying together to build the machine.
I also prepared a different scene where I want to add this animation into.

Following two problem:

  1. The appended (not linked) animation file somehow is locked to the center of the file I append it to. I can change the location and create a key frame, but if I let the animation run, it will start to fly back to the origin. How can I permanently change the origin of an imported animation.

  2. The size is not correct. Again, I can scale it to the correct size and lock this by a key frame in the beginning of the animation, but than when the parts start to assemble, they shrink down to the initial size.

I searched but could not find a solution for this, thanks in advance for any advise!

BR Lilliput

I don’t know but maybe this is a clue:

@ a59393 thanks for the advise I tried it but it does not solve my problem. As I understand, proxies are used for linked objects, I appended the object.

There must be a way to “zero” the animation at a new location. I tired ctrl + A and the different functions like location, transform and scale and also all, but that only lets my animated assembly flay into pieces all over the scene.

BR Lilliput

Maybe collection instancing. Hide the original. On the same page

Parent to an empty, then move + scale + rotate your empty.

Hi stephen_leger, I tried that, but somehow it didn’t work in this case, but thanks for the comment.